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The information given on this site in the form of tips, recipes, fitness workouts, and nutrition advice does not qualify as a substitution for your medical doctor’s advice. I encourage you to trust your intuition and do what feels right to you, but seek guidance from your doctor concerning your health and wellness. I have studied health and nutrition extensively for the last 16 years with well-known doctors and advocates of the plant-based diet. I try to give the most accurate and current information I can. Also, the products or services I review on this website are purely my opinion. Please do your own research. I can not be held responsible for any product, service, restaurant, blogger, or companies I may review on this website.

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Limited License:

All programs content and videos are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws and are not to be used in a manner that we have not approved or in a manner that infringes on our rights. Moreover, content in relation any program or course from Christy Morgan are for personal, not commercial, use and may not be modified, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, sold, exploited, translated, or distributed in any way other than what the original intent is for the product.

Please remember that you and only you are purchasing access to the program and all its benefits, so duplicating, sharing or uploading product files (in the member’s only section) to share on other sites or in other forms is considered stealing. If you choose to do this you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you know someone that would benefit from this program please share the website with them, but not any of the material in the password protected section of the website. If cost is an issue for them please email me to discuss scholarship possibilities.

Feel free to use the content from our programs for your personal use at any time, provided that you keep all copyright and other proprietary notices intact.
Program Benefits:

You will learn how to cook plant-based vegan meals, how to live healthfully and specific exercise routines that can fit into your busy life. You will improve your health and will receive the information and support you need to continue benefiting throughout your lifetime. However, we are not responsible for your health or any conditions that you had before or acquired during any program or course. The programs are for educational purposes only. I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or a doctor. Please consult your doctor before starting. Your enrollment in our programs is voluntary and at the sole risk of the user. You may not hold Christy Morgan, Chad Byers, or anyone connected with the company responsible for any injury brought on by your participation in our program.

Refund Policy:

Because I am committed to my work and I have a responsibility to carry out the program with those who sign up and submit their payment, no refunds will be given and there are no exceptions. Please make sure you are buying the right program/course for your needs and ask questions if you need help determining which service is right for you. We can not guarantee that your health condition will be improved or changed, as you alone are responsible for your health. We will do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Before signing up, please be sure that you are ready to participate in our programs and are ready to make transformative changes in your life.

After payment is received you will receive a Welcome Email with any information you need. You will be granted access to the member’s only section of the website immediately after payment. No refunds will be given.

Technology Concerns:

In order to utilize all that the programs/courses have to offer, you need the necessary technology. What you need is simply a computer with a high-speed internet connection, Adobe Reader or another PDF reader, Adobe Flash Player or another video viewer.

It is your sole responsibility to make sure your internet is fully functional and you have everything you need to access the program. Please make sure you have the proper applications to view videos and are able to download (and print if needed) documents before signing up for the program. We will not be liable for any technical issues regarding our own computer’s functionality.

Delivery of Program Access:

By submitting your payment and registration form you agree to pay the full tuition for the program. Registration is effective once payment is received and you receive a confirmation e-mail welcoming you to the program. Payment plans are available.

Note: We reserve the right at any time to alter, modify or discontinue any terms and conditions without notice. Your personal information will never be shared outside our company.

Terms and Conditions